Friday, 18 February 2011

LEATHER FLOWER w/ Charlie Davenport

LEATHER FLOWER PROJECT  with Charlie Davenport


• 3-5oz Veg-Tanned Leather.



• 3031-00 Precision Craft Knife, or

• 3048-00 Craftool® Super Shears

• 3230-00 Craftool® Rotary Hole Punch

• 8100-00 Craftool® Rivet Setter

• 8076-02 Craftool® Edge Beveler Sz 2

• 88013-00 Craftool® Hair Blade Tool

• Mallet



• 1271-11 Rapid Rivet, Medium, BrassPl

• 2602-09 Cova Color®, Orange

• 2602-10 Cova Color®, Turquoise

• 2611-01 Eco-Flo™ Satin Shene

• 3440-03 Paint Brushes


PATTERN TEMPLATES  Leather Flowers Pattern

Use the patterns to make your own reusable templates from heavy cardstock, bag stiffener, or other template material for future use.



Layout your leather grain side up on your work surface, then place templates onto the leather and trace around the template with a stylus. Another way is to layout the leather grain side down, and trace around the template with a pen or pencil.

Carefully using a craft knife cut out your leather flowers.  Using the rotary punch, punch a hole large enough for the rivet in the center of the flower.



Prep your leather pieces for design work, by dampening the leather. For an extra touch you can bevel the edges on the back with an Edge Beveler as shown. To shape the petals just pressed them between thumb and forefinger while the leather is still damp. Drag the hair blade tool across the center to add some addition texture.



To apply some color to this project I used the Eco-Flo™ Cova Colors Turquoise and Orange once the leather had dried. I applied the color with a brush. Wait until colors are completely dry, and then apply a finish. I applied a thin coat of Eco-Flo™ Satin Shene with a brush, let dry.



To assemble the flower, stack the petal shapes largest to smallest from the bottom aligning the rivet holes in the center. Insert the rivet post from the bottom of the largest piece through all three pieces. Place the cap onto the post. Place flower with rivet onto a hard surface, place rivet setter (concave side down) over rivet cap and strike sharply to set the rivet.



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