Thursday, 24 March 2011

“Carson” Credit Card Case w/ Charlie Davenport


“Carson” Credit Card Case

with Charlie Davenport


Materials shopping list link to

9154-00                Tooling Calf, 2/3oz (9” x 7”) Interior Pieces

9153-00                Tooling Goat, 2/3oz (5” x 7”) Exterior Piece

8039-06                Stylus

35010-02              Trim Knife

3606-00                Ruler

3465-00                Cutting Board

2655-01                Leather Weld, 4oz

3447-02                Flat Brush, 1”

8120-00                Glass Burnisher

8079-06                Overstitcher, Sz 6

88081-00              Pro Stitching Groover

31218-01              Awl w/ Blade

1195-00                Stitching Needle (2)

11207-01              Waxed Thread, White

2610-01                Super Shene, 4oz

PATTERN: Credit Card Case Pattern


STEP 1 – Transfer patterns to leather. (Stylus, Awl, or Pen)

STEP 2 – Cut-out leather parts. (Trim Knife, Metal Ruler, Cutting Board)

STEP 3 – Apply glue (Leather Weld) to flesh side of interior piece. Spread glue with brush and fold interior in half (flesh sides together). Apply pressure, and smooth with Glass Burnisher.

STEP 4 – Mark location of interior card pocket stitching. Set Stitching Groover to 10mm, and groove along stitching line. Using Overstitcher mark stitching holes inside groove. Using creasing attachment in Pro Groover tool, crease along top side of pockets on grain side. Apply glue on flesh side of pocket between stitch line and bottom of pocket. Align to bottom of interior piece, and join. (REPEAT STEP FOR OTHER SIDE POCKET.) Using Awl with Blade push awl blade through all three pieces where marked by overstitcher. Using “Saddlestitch” with needles and waxed thread, stitch interior together. Trim excess tread.

STEP 5 – Fold exterior piece at fold line, flesh sides together. Apply glue just along fold line. Insert interior section base down into fold.

STEP 6 – Set groover to 1/8 inch. Groove along both edges, on both sides. Use overstitcher to mark stitches, and awl to make holes for stitching. Stitch edges together with “Saddlestitch” and trim excess thread.

STEP 7 – Seal cut edges by applying Super Shene with a brush or small wool dauber.

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