Monday, 22 August 2011

“Euro” Style Book Cover

“Euro” Style Book Cover

This “Euro” Book Cover makes a great gift idea for the holidays, and an outstanding moneymaker.


  • 9003-02 Royal Meadow Veg-Tanned Leather 3-4 oz; or 9157-33 Craftsman Oak 3/4oz
  • 9100-00 Tooling Pigskin Lining Leather (Optional)
  • 9156-02 Kangaroo Leather, Brown (for ½” Florentine lace); or any 1-1.5oz Finished Lining Leather
  • 3953-00 Utility Knife
  • 3606-00 Non-Skid Ruler
  • 8039-      Modeling Tools
  • 3770-04  #04 5/32” Drive Punch
  • 3082-00  Australian Strander
  • 3001-00  Safety Beveler (Optional)
  • 8072-00  Adjustable Creaser (Optional)
  • 8077-02  Keen Edge Beveler (Optional)
  • 1193-02  Jumbo Perma-Lok Needle
  • 2525-05  Tanner’s Bond Spray Contact Adhesive
  • 2655-01  Leather Weld 4oz

PATTERN: Euro Style Book Cover Pattern

Construction & Assembly

The first step is to be able to develop a pattern for your book. Fold a piece of paper around a book so that the paper extends at least ½” past the edges of the book. The flaps are usually one-half the width of the book (Fig. 1). Lay out the paper pattern onto the leather. Cut out the leather (Fig. 2). Apply a design to the cover and flaps if desired (Fig. 3 thru 4j). I used the “Repousse” technique as discussed in the previous post LEATHER REPOUSSE by Charlie Davenport to add the design to the leather. Apply a finish to the cover and flaps (Fig 5). Cement the oversized lining to the cover and trim (Fig. 6). Punch holes along the edge of the cover, at least ¼” in from edge of cover (Fig. 7). Thin the interior edges by skiving with the Safety Beveler (Fig. 8). Cement the edges of the pocket to the cover between the holes and the edge with Leather Weld. Cut ½” Florentine lace from thin leather or fabric (Fig. 9). Lace the edges of the cover with the Florentine lace (Fig. 10). Insert book and you are done.


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