Monday, 22 August 2011

Miniature Christmas Door Hanger

Miniature Christmas Door Hanger


  • Red Upholstery Leather (2” x 12”)
  • 3—1” Nickel Bells (#1321-01)
  • 3—1 1/2” Nickel Bells (#1321-02)
  • 1—1 1/2” Nickel Ring (#1165-06)
  • 1—Sm Double Cap Rivet (#1379-12)


  • Rotary Cutter (#3042-00)
  • Australian Strander (#3082-00)
  • Rivet Setter (#8100-00)
  • 1 1/2” English Point Strap End Punch (#3199-01)
  • #2 Round Drive Punch (#3777-02)
  • #7 Round Drive Punch (#3777-07)
  • #14 Round Drive Punch (#3777-14

PATTERN: Miniature Door Hanger Pattern


1. Take your strip of leather, using the Australian Strander cut a 1/4” wide strip. Set the 1/4” strip aside for now. (Fig. 1)








2. Cut the larger strip down to a width of 1 1/2” using the Rotary Cutter and a ruler as a guide.

3. Using the pattern as a guide, mark the location of the holes with an awl or pen.

4. At the fold line, using the #14 Drive Punch halfway onto the leather, punch notches for the ring. (Fig. 2)








5. Use the Strap End Punch for ends of  the strip as shown. (Fig. 3 & 4)


6. With the #7 Drive Punch, punch the six bell holes along the strip. (Fig. 5)








7. The last holes will be punched with the #2 Drive Punch for the rivet.

8. Now we are ready to assemble our project.


1. Lay the larger strip of leather face down. Place the rivet  post up through the rivet hole. Add the 1/4” strip face down over the rivet post, and slip on the ring at the top as shown. (Fig.  6)








2. Fold over the top tab and onto the rivet post. Mount the rivet cap onto the post, and set with the rivet setter. (Fig. 7 & 8 )


3. Taking the  lacing strip, cut the tip to a point and insert it in through the top hole; back to front. (Fig. 9)








4. Insert the lace through the loop on the base of one of the larger  bells. (Fig. 10)








5. After the lace has been run through the bell loop, insert the lace back down into the same hole that is was brought up from. Pull lace through until it is tight, without any slack. (Fig. 11)








6. Repeat steps 3 thru 5, attaching remaining five bells. Trim off excess lace. (Fig. 12)








7. Once your miniature door hanger is complete, you could add some additional decorations such as the leather holly leaves made from the last blog project.








C. Davenport

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