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Leather Christmas Card Project

Leather Christmas Card Project


6047-00 “HOW TO CARVE LEATHER” by Al Stohlman (Page 18, Page 42, Back Inside Cover)

2-4oz Veg-Tanned Tooling Leather (suggested leathers)

  • 9157-93     3-4oz Craftsman Oak Tooling Side
  • 9154-00     2.-2.5oz Petite Tooling Calf
  • 9153-00     2-3oz Petite Tooling Goat
  • 9157-32     2-3oz Craftsman Oak Tooling Side
  • 9157-33     3-4oz Craftsman Oak Tooling Side
  • 9157-72     2-3oz Oak Leaf Tooling Side
  • 9157-73     3-4oz Oak Leaf Tooling Side
  • 9003-02    3-4oz Royal Meadow Tooling Side

3500-00 Tracing Film – 1 yard

35048-00 Swivel Knife w/ Blade

Filigree Blade (8027-00 Ceramic, 8014-00 Steel, or 35051-04 HCS1055)

Craftool Stamps: (B803, F891, F902, F976, F900, S631, B61, S864, B701, F899, P972, S633, S931, S932, F895, B199, F896)

8039-06 Modeling Tool – Fine/Small Round Spoon

8039-01 Modeling Tool – Point/Stylus

8116-00 Bone Folder

PATTERN: Christmas Card Pattern


“Here’s “How” to wish a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year of Carving” with Al Stohlman, from the How to Carve Leather  book by Al Stohlman.

    • Make the tracing and cutting patterns. Be sure no lines have been omitted. Cut the leather to size.
    • Dampen both sides of the leather. Allow surface moisture to evaporate until leather returns to its natural color.
    • Center the tracing on the damp leather. Transfer the design to the leather using the stylus. Push just hard enough to make a clear impression.
    • Before removing the tracing lift one corner at a time and check to be sure that none of the lines have been omitted.
    • Use care in tracing and cutting all lines, the finished carving will be no better than its outline. Do not cut the dotted lines. They are merely guides for beveling.
    • Strop the blade of the swivel knife. This insures easier cutting and better work.
    • Cut the outlines of the design holding the swivel knife vertical, do not lean the knife to the right or left.
    • Refer to the photo-carve pictures for stamping tools and location of use.
    • Use the spoon modeling tool to smooth and add roundness to beveled edges.
    • After all stamping is done, and the leather is dry. It is time to color your cards as desired.
    • Apply a finish of choice to seal the pores of the leather.
    • Punch holes for lacing or stitching.
    • Moisten and fold creases with a bone folder.
    • To cut out letters, snow and interior of wreath…use Craftool filigree blades. (Practice on scrap leather.)
    • To simulate snow…use white leather or heavy white paper behind filigree.
    • After backing filigree with desired color…cement edges. Lace or stitch as desired.
    • You can also use the 4903-01 ¼” Alphabet Stamp Set to easily customize and personalize your cards.


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