Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Simple Eyeglass Case Project



9157-33                                3-4oz Veg-Tanned Tooling Leather

99280-11 or 9100-00        1-2oz Soft Lining Leather

8072-00                                Adjustable Creaser

8091-00 or 8079-               Overstitcher, Size 7


2605-09                                Eco-Flo™ All-In-One Stain & Finish, Grape

2525-01                                Contact Cement

3048-00                                Leather Shears

56450-01                              Waxed Thread, Black

1195-00                                Stitching Needles



  1. Layout the pattern on heavy paper, then cut out the pattern.
  2. Place Pattern on the leather, trace around pattern with a stylus or awl.
  3. Cut out the leather.
  4. Lightly dampen the top grain surface of the leather with a sponge.
  5. Using the Adjustable Groover, crease a line 1/8” in from the edge all around both pieces.
  6. Run the Overstitch Wheel in the creased line from one opening mark to the other. (Fig. 1)
  7. Stain, Dye and Finish the exterior pieces. Let dry.
  8. Cut lining leather larger than the exterior pieces.
  9. Cement lining leather to the flesh side of the exterior pieces, and trim. (Fig. 2)
  10. Cement the edges together, except at the opening end.
  11. Punch sewing holes with awl. Use saddle stitch to attach sides together.
  12. Go over finished stitches with Overstitch Wheel to neaten up stitches. (Fig. 3)
  13. Slick edges with slicker or bone folder, and finish edges.
  14. Finished.

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