Friday, 30 March 2012

The Good Shepherd with Charlie Davenport – Day 2 and 3

The Good Shepherd with Charlie Davenport – Day 2

With all the swivel knife work done, I decided to start with the background areas first and work my way toward the foreground.  I started beveling with a F900 figure carving matting tool to push the background areas down.

I needed to utilize the sharp point of the F876 to get into the areas around the hair.

Once I had the outline beveled down, I went back over those areas with the F901 to cover a larger area and work my way out from the cut line. As I walked the tool out I reduced the amount of force I was striking the tool to a light tap to blend the texture with the un-tooled background areas.

At the cut line I was striking the tool enough force to press the leather down to depth of my previous knife cuts to get some depth to the project.

On the background on the right side I used the F901 to go along the top of the “dotted” lines to bring the background hills to life.

In the tight areas of the background the A99 comes in real useful.

I was able to get a small portion started by the end of day 2.


The Good Shepherd with Charlie Davenport – Day 3


With the right side of the background done yesterday, it was on to the left side today.


I used the F898 on the hills and a B936 to bevel around the small tree.

Using the A99 to matt down the small areas in between the branches.

Here I am using a F898 to matt down around the bushes and trees.

Once I had the bushes and small trees done, I started working my way forward to the grass covered hill. Starting at the top with the A98 tilted so as the heel of the tool was not making much of an impression. When doing something like grass I try not to be even in the force I strike the tool or in the spacing of the impressions. The more irregular the better it tends to look in the end.

I noticed that the matting around the bush and trees was a little rough, so I used the F901 to even the matting of the sky area.

After a few rows of grass with the A98, I switched to the F926. Here I started the base of the area and worked my way up the hill, varying my strikes with the tool tilted to straight up and down.

On the bush just above the sheep I used the F989 to give the bush a little different texture.

Now that I had completed the left side of the background it was time to move on to the middle ground and some rough figure beveling with the F895, F896 and F891.

I use the largest figure beveler I can use to assist in speeding up beveling, since at this stage I am more concerned with trying to get all the cut lines beveled so as to get the basic shape of the image to appear. I will come back and smooth out any uneven beveling and tool marks later.

Well I was able to finish the background, and most of the rough beveling of Jesus today.

Back in the bag until tomorrow…