Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Adhesives: What To Use, When and Why


With so many types of adhesives, how do you know which one to use when?  We’re here to offer a little bit of insight on this sticky question.


Leather Glues

Eco-Flo Leather Weld* – Leather Weld is a great, general purpose adhesive that is strong and easy to use.  It is specially formulated for bonding leather, however can also be used to bond with cloth, wood, chipboard, and paper.  This makes it very popular for book binding and a variety of other multi-medium projects.  A benefit of Leather Weld is that it is moveable when first applied, so you have the opportunity to adjust your project in to place, and dries flexible.  The bond is permanent once allowed to dry for 24 hours, however it is not as strong of a hold when moisture remains.   It is also recommended to apply pressure to the joined surface until dry.  Leather Weld may be diluted with water if a lighter application is needed.


Tanner’s Bond Leathercraft Cement* – Very similar application and use as the Leather Weld, however Leathercraft Cement is ideal for youth crafts as it is faster drying and has less of a scent.



Contact Cements

EcoWeld Water Based Contact Cement* – One of the primary differences between glues and contact cements is in how they are applied.  To attach your leather pieces, you will need to apply the contact cement to both surfaces and let it air dry until it is sticky enough to bond to itself and stay on its own.  The benefit of this is that you do not have to clamp it, however the bond is not adjustable once positioned.  Allow to dry for 24 hours to get the optimal bond.


Tanner’s Bond Craftsman Contact Cement – This is a low V.O.C. solvent based adhesive, however it does not contain some of the chemicals considered hazardous in other similar adhesives.  Being solvent based, this adhesive is waterproof, making it a popular choice with professionals such as saddle makers and shoe makers.



Other Adhesives

Tanner’s Bond Craftsman Rubber Cement – Rubber cement helps hold pieces of leather together while you are lacing or putting in linings.  It is adjustable and allows you to take the pieces apart if needed.


Tanner’s Bond Adhesive Tape – Adhesive tape is a very handy two-sided tape that is fast to use and holds projects in place for lacing, stitching or when using punches and chisels.




Adhesive Tip: Finishes on leather can lessen the effectiveness of adhesives.  If applying adhesive to a smooth surface, rough the surface first with a Craftool Pro Detail Rougher or Sanding Stick!


*These adhesives are water based.  Different countries and states uphold significantly varying regulations on environmental standards, however our water based products have been developed to meet the strictest regulations.  Because they are water based, these liquids are non-flammable, however some may ruin if frozen.  Check page 159 of your catalog for a Liquid Symbols chart to know which of your liquids you should store at above 45 degrees Fahrenheit/7 degrees Celsius.

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