Monday, 19 October 2015

Learning Leathercraft with Jim Linnell – Lesson 6: Seeder & Veiner

Join us in this weekly series on tooling a floral wallet back with tips and tricks from award-winning leatherworker Jim Linnell!

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Materials Used In Lesson 6:



Mallet or Maul

4-5 oz Vegetable Tanned Leather


A few things learned from this video:

The goal of using a Seeder tool in floral design is to make the seed pod look raised in the center rather than sunken down in to the flower.  To accomplish this, angle the seeder stamp so that there is a deeper impression on the outside edge of the seed and tap more lightly as you gradually work your way in towards the center.  Be careful not to overlap your seeds.

When using a Veiner, practice angling the tool to use just the corner of the stamp, giving a partial impression that is deeper on one side and gradually fades out.

Rotate the Veiner tool a little between each impression to give the appearance that the leaf fans out, offering the illusion of motion and contour so everything looks like it is going towards the center of the leaf.

When using a Veiner to give texture along the curve of a scroll, it is important to be intentional with the rotation of your tool.  Point the Veiner so that the curve of the impression is aimed towards the seed pod in the center of the scroll.  As you stamp along the edge, gently rotate the tool as if the curve of each of the impressions would reach the seed pod if it were long enough.  Keeping your spacing uniform, this should help you maintain a nice spiral type of a pattern to decorate the scroll.

Join us next week as we continue to tool the wallet back and learn technique tips for decorative tooling!