Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Introducing TerraFlex!

TerraFlex (Item # 3490-02) is a high quality, natural thermoplastic material that can be used in sheet form or molded and shaped by heat (heat gun, hair dryer, steam, or iron). TerraFlex has two distinctly different sides, each with unique features. The rougher side is typically used for the outer, visible surface of the project since it can be sanded and painted. The other side has a smooth, semi-gloss appearance and contains a natural, heat activated adhesive. When heated, TerraFlex can be bonded onto itself for when multiple layers are needed for adding strength or thickness. Our EcoWeld Contact Cement works very well to cold-bond TerraFlex to leather. TerraFlex is fully recyclable and solvent-free. Scraps may be repurposed by heating them together and rolling them out flat again.



* High quality thermoplastic that is fully recyclable
* Full re-use of recycled material in the same project
* Solvent free processing
* Non-Toxic
* One side contains heat activated bonding adhesive
* Can be cut with scissors or knife
* Can be marked on with permanent marker or pen
* Can be sanded for smoother appearance
* Can be painted



29.5 in x 19.5 in x 0.05 in/749 mm x 495mm x 1.27 mm



The smooth, semi-gloss side contains natural, heat activated adhesive that can be used to bond TerraFlex to itself or temporarily to leather. For a more permanent bond with leather, EcoWeld Contact Cement is recommended.

Required temperature for bonding: Approx 203-212 F (95-100 C)

Ironing temperature: Approx 266-284 F (130-140C)

Note: If TerraFlex has been heated previously, temperature required for preparation may be reduced, shortening the time of preparation.



Store in a clean area, separate from anything that may contaminate the TerraFlex to prevent reuse. Do not store TerraFlex in heated areas, as it could soften and warp the material.



Bag Stiffener
Pattern Template
Lining for Sheaths and Holsters